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Contemporary Restaurants

Contemporary restaurants are all the rage these days, yet they're so hard to classify under just one category or food type. Why? For starters, what exactly is a contemporary restaurant? Good question. The word "contemporary" is known to mean "characteristic of the present," "modern day" or even "trendy." When the word is used to describe a cuisine, then, one can assume that the food is less Mom's meatloaf and more a hot new chef's take on suckling pig or Cornish hen, right? … Right?

Depending on where you grew up, where you live and, if you're a chef or restaurant owner, your culinary inspirations and aspirations, contemporary cuisine to some diners is the new what's next, the here and now. It's been called everything from modern cuisine to nouvelle cuisine, from Contemporary cuisine to fusion cuisine, eclectic cuisine to contemporary cuisine.

Now that we got the definition part out of the way (we did, right?), it's time to talk about the types of food contemporary restaurants might serve. Fresh greens and fancy cheese plates and wine pairings are likely to adorn the menus of contemporary restaurants, as can uniquely prepared meats, vegetables and an assortment of regional delicacies. Where a contemporary restaurant offers a prix fixe menu – one that contains a predetermined selection of items – another might offer seven courses of French fusion or Asian fusion or an eclectic mix of both.

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