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Steak Restaurants

When all you want is a good steak restaurant and a piece of meat cooked the way you like it – whether that means rare or well done or somewhere in between – it's good to know that steak restaurants are as ready to satisfy your appetite as they are easy to find, especially in metropolitan areas like New York, Dallas and Chicago.

So other than these aforementioned metropolitan areas, where are the best steakhouses located? What about the best places to find meat sizzling on the barbecue? Well, if you're not from Kansas City or Memphis, or from North Carolina or Texas, you might have a bit of traveling to do. But don't fret, steak lover! Restaurants near and far and in cities large and small are likely to have steak on the menu, so if you want a filet mignon, porterhouse, rib eye or top sirloin, chances are there's a restaurant in your neighborhood that's ready to throw one on the grill.

Steak restaurants are more than just steak, of course. A good cut of meat deserves a good partner in crime in the form of a side dish or two, and it's not uncommon for a steak to come with baked (or mashed) potatoes or coleslaw, Steak fries or corn on the cob. Salads are popular starters before a steak even hits the table, and since you (hopefully) have the room, why not wash everything down with an ice cold beer or mixed drink? Most steak restaurants offer extensive beer and wine lists. And did we mention dessert? There's nothing like a piece of pie or cake to finish the meal on a high note.

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