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American Restaurants

American cuisine to one can mean something completely different to another, especially since a good portion of the food Americans eat on a daily basis originated elsewhere. Still, plenty of American restaurants exist that offer up tasty American food.

What is American food exactly? Well, let's break it down by meal and start with breakfast. American restaurants near and far serve breakfast – some all day – because Americans enjoy starting off their days with a full stomach. Popular American cuisine breakfast items include eggs (fried, scrambled, poached and the like), pancakes, waffles, fried or hash brown potatoes, cereal, muffins and toast. The best way to wash an American breakfast down? Orange juice, milk, coffee and tea come to mind.

When it comes to lunch, American restaurants and the menus they offer run the gamut on food choices. Lunch items are likely to include hamburgers and French fries, hot dogs, sandwiches (e.g. tuna melts, grilled cheese, roast beef, ham and cheese, etc.), as well as heavier American food like macaroni and cheese and an assortment of pot pies and casserole dishes.

Dining out for dinner is a popular pastime in America, and American restaurants adorn every street corner with family favorites from A–Z. When the dinner bell rings, American restaurant menus can offer up meat dishes (beef, pork and chicken are everywhere), as well as the aforementioned casseroles and pot pies, steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and much, much more. And don't forget the side dishes and desserts! From mashed potatoes to rice to baked beans, coleslaw, salads and vegetables, you're sure to be stuffed to the rafters with calories – and that's before the chocolate cake, apple pie and ice cream!

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