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Asian Restaurants

With the continent of Asia being as big as it is (for the record, it's the largest of the continents), it's no surprise that Asian restaurants offer a little something for everyone – and we're not kidding. When the topic of food conversation involves Asian restaurants, you can easily talk about Japanese cuisine, as well as Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian. It doesn't take long for one to imagine the history that each cuisine brings to the – pardon the pun – table.

Instead of talking about the history of Asian cuisine, let's discuss some of the aforementioned cuisines and uncover the more popular traditions, foods and dishes offered up by each.

Japanese: When you dine at Japanese restaurants in America (and also Japan), you're likely to find plenty of rice and noodles, as well as fish (sushi of course), a variety of seafood, meats, soups, vegetables, tofu and more. Soy and teriyaki sauces are commonplace, and can complement dishes that are served raw just as well as they do pan–fried dishes. What's a popular way to wash this food down? Sake, of course. Sake is made of fermented rice and can contain upward of 20 percent alcohol, so make sure to get plenty of food in your stomach to soak it up!

Chinese: You can't talk about Asian restaurants without mentioning Chinese food. While it's true that much of the Chinese food in America isn't considered authentic Chinese, you can still find plenty of the tasty cuisine on street corners near and far. Chinese cuisine is known for its abundant rice and noodle dishes, as well as its meats (duck, beef, chicken and pork are standards on Chinese menus) and seafood (crab or shrimp, anyone?). Soups are a staple on many an Asian restaurant menu, and when you're dining out Chinese style, you're sure to find everything from noodle soup to wonton soup. What else are you likely to find on the table? Green tea. No Chinese meal is complete without some health benefit–laden tea.

Thai: Asian restaurants that serve Thai food are seemingly everywhere these days – especially in metropolitan hubs like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Thai cuisine has a reputation for being hot and spicy, but don't let it fool you: it can also be equal parts sour and salty. Like Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine is populated with noodle and rice dishes, and through the use of fresh herbs (cilantro and basil come to mind) and spices alongside seafood and meats like chicken, pork and beef, the end result is abundant flavor and, of course, diner reward. Popular Thai dishes include pad Thai, pad see ew, pad kee mao and rat na.

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