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Barbeque Restaurants

Meat eaters unite! Depending on where in the U.S. you grew up and where you reside, barbecue restaurants and the delicious meats and sauces they pride themselves on are as different in one place as they are the next. Which region has the best BBQ is up for debate, of course, and probably always will be. Still, no matter where you go and where your taste buds follow, one thing's for sure: barbecue restaurants are always within stomach's reach.

Let's take a quick look at the different BBQ regions in the U.S. and see what makes their barbecue "the best."

Kansas City barbecue restaurants: The meat is mostly beef and pork, the sauce is sweet and tomato based and the meat can be cooked over hickory wood for hours on end. BBQ restaurants that serve Kansas City barbecue are likely to have menus chock full of coleslaw, potato salad and baked beans.

Memphis barbecue restaurants: One can't talk about Memphis BBQ without mentioning the smoked slabs of pork ribs, as well as chopped or pulled pork sandwiches and plates. Memphis-style ribs are usually served with a dry rub, and the sweet, spicy, tomato and vinegar-laden sauce is often served on the side. Like Kansas City barbecue, be prepared to see plenty of coleslaw and baked beans on the side.

North Carolina barbecue restaurants: Depending on which part of North Carolina you're talking about, NC barbecue can mean more than one style. Barbecue lovers in the western portion of the state might use a thin, sweet and spicy tomato-based sauce, while folks on the other side of the state might prefer a sauce that combines vinegar, sugar, pepper and water. Barbecue restaurants across the state are sure to provide plenty of sides, including items like hush puppies, coleslaw and cornbread.

Texas barbecue restaurants: Everything really is bigger in Texas, including Texas BBQ. From the ribs to the brisket to the turkey to the sausage to the steak, there is no shortage of great barbecue joints from one part of the state to the other. Texas barbecue restaurants are likely to slow-cook their meats over coals or wood in smokers of all shapes and sizes. Texas BBQ isn't big on sauce before or during the cooking process, but when sauce does enter the playing field, it's likely to be sweet, spicy and tomato based. Popular side dishes with Texas barbecue include beans, potato salad, coleslaw and, of course, Texas toast.

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