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Mexican Restaurants

Mexican cuisine is more than just corn, rice and beans - three items that continue to play an essential role in helping ' the cuisine what it is today. Depending on where you live in the world (and especially in the U.S.), you can visit Mexican restaurants and be treated to varying menus and Mexican specialties. Different kinds of fish and meats like beef, chicken, goat and ostrich are popular within Mexican cuisine, as are fruits like avocado, guava and papaya. If you're perusing the menus of Mexican restaurants for vegetables, you'll likely find dishes that include everything from squash and peppers to tomatoes and onions.

Many popular dishes served at Mexican restaurants in the U.S. include the aforementioned rice and beans, as well as corn and flour tortillas that are used for chimichangas, burritos, tacos, tostados and more. Nachos, which aren't known to be a staple of authentic Mexican cuisine in Mexico, are revered by many Americans of all ages for their abundant toppings and cheeses. Wait, did someone say cheese? Many Mexican dishes contain a variety of gooey, melted cheeses like Chihuahua, Oaxaca, queso fresco, queso asadero and Cotija.

What's the best way to wash all this tasty Mexican food down? If you're drinking beer or liquor, there are several popular brands of the former, including Pacifico, Modelo Especial and Negra Modelo, while mezcal, tequila and Kahlua are popular liquors that are consumed in Mexican restaurants.

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