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Sushi Restaurants

Sushi is a beloved cuisine not just in Japan but also in America, where it's not unusual to find sushi restaurants adorning nearly every neighborhood in metropolitan areas and smaller cities and towns. A Japanese dish that consists of cooked rice topped usually with fresh fish and other seafood and placed into rolls (often wrapped in seaweed), sushi is an experience that's best shared by family, friends and loved ones. Sushi restaurants near and far in America continue to concoct sushi creations that keep hungry diners coming back for more.

Popular fish served in sushi restaurants include tuna, yellowtail, snapper, mackerel and salmon, while seafood dishes can contain squid, eel, octopus, shrimp, clams, sea urchin, crab, oysters and more. Raw fish that's sliced is known as sashimi, which often is the first course served during a formal Japanese meal. No matter which sushi restaurants you choose (whether in America or around the world), you're sure to be handed a sushi menu that contains both old and new favorites.

But sushi alone isn't just rice and fish. Vegetables like daikon radishes, avocados, cucumbers, asparagus and yams are commonplace in sushi cuisine, and when complemented with tofu, eggs, mayonnaise, cream cheese, soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger, can create flavorful combinations.

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